Vision:  Perfectress holds itself to the highest caliber in regards to product quality and customer service.  We envision the Perfectress brand as being the most reputable, leading high end Remy human hair product within the U.S. market.  We’ve perfected this vision through forward thinking, leadership, integrity and unrivaled customer service.

Sourcing:  The Perfectress brand exudes excellence.  Remy hair is of the finest quality, rated at the top tier above any other hair type.  With over 50 years of experience in sourcing superior Remy Hair, we have established ourselves as an independent leader in manufacturing hair extensions.

Perfectress International credits itself as being a “Fair Trade” biased company.  Following a strict set of ethical guidelines, we only source the healthiest, freshly cut Raw Remy Hair.  The hair is never stored long term, bought from other suppliers, or taken from unknown collectors.

The term “Remy” refers to the characteristics of the hair and the method used to manufacture the hair extensions.  All outer cellular layer of hair is left intact and sorted in the same direction, making it the most sought after hair by both the hairdresser and consumer.  The majority of hair originates from India and China.  Remy hair is also known as “Temple Hair”.  It’s derived from a sacrificial ritual during which the woman offers her hair as a gift to the presiding deity.

Perfectress uses a unique blend known as a “Euro-Blend.”  The hair is comprised of a seamless combination involving Indian, Chinese and European hair.  Our hair is infused with a Perma Moisture Treatment.  This form of protein is injected directly inside the hair cortex, preventing the hair from drying out.  No chemical treatments are used when fabricating our vast selection of hair textures.  Our high-end hair is extremely durable while our colors are impervious to fading.  In fact, the hair can be worn up to a year with proper maintenance.


Best for clients with a daily shampooing regimen, who’re very active, and are looking to achieve length, volume, highlights, or lowlights.

An absolute game changer for active women on the go! We’ve redefined the technique of applying hair extensions with our Transformation Connections. Using the latest technology, we’ve created a ring that’s covered from the inside out in 360 degrees of hair. This means hair on hair contact upon installation! They are designed to enhance the client’s natural hair with added volume, length, color and texture. Once secured in the natural hair, they will lay flat and remain unaffected by heat, sweat and hair products. This is a safe and reusable system. With proper care and maintenance, Transformation Connections grant clients the luxury of reusing the extensions for an entire year.


Best for clients who would like to achieve a drastic amount of length & volume with a seamless transition.

The future of high-end hair extensions is upon us! The Ultimate Link Weft is fully customizable! This innovative product provides three installment options within one unique system. Not only are the options interchangeable, but reusable as well. Stylists are given the choice to apply Sew-ins, Clip-ins, or Links through an easy to follow color-coated pattern. The weft is 12 inches wide with an ultra-thin base. It sits flush to the scalp, creating a smooth finish and making it virtually undetectable. It’s built to adapt to your client’s individual needs and comfort level. No more compromise, no more settling, just beautiful, lasting results.


For active clients who are looking to achieve drastic volume & length with more movement and versatility.

Hailed as the natural evolution of tape-in extensions, Link Weft Minis are the result of a never-ending search for new and innovative hair extension methods. It’s a real win-win situation. This proven technique is increasing in popularity because it offers clients the feel of tapes without the adhesive. A most attractive alternative for the tape-in enthusiast. Link Weft Minis come ready to use, straight from the packaging. Each pack comes with 8 pieces of 1.5 inch wefts, preloaded with 3 Polymer loops and color-matching links. The installation is a breeze.


Suitable for clients with fine hair & low density, who also have a less than active lifestyle.


These tapes are slim and transparent, making them undetectable and comfortable to wear. Comprised of 8 pieces per pack, each weft is micro sealed to prevent shedding and promote durability. We recommend using this tape system on clients who will benefit from hair being applied to the crown area. The results are nothing short of amazing! 


An enhanced version of our Ultra Thin Tapes, the Hand-Tied Tapes offer 50% more density and 2x’s the number of pieces per pack. These tapes offer a much more natural-looking appearance and a faster application time that will amaze any salon professional. When sandwiching two tapes together, each pack comes labeled for an easy installation: 9 pieces of hand tied tapes for the top layer, and 9 pieces of the micro sealed tapes for the bottom.